Shrewsbury Hillwalking Club

Founded 1937

Walk Rules

Walk grades, club rules and charges

  1. A named member coordinates each walk.

  2. Any walk may be modified at the coordinator's discretion.

  3. Most walks are for a full day of 6 to 8 hours, and are graded as follows:

    C - walks that, while often involving mountains, are usually on obvious footpaths and with moderate gradients. This grade also covers lowland walks, and would not normally exceed 12 miles.
    B - Mountain or moorland walks which don't include scrambles.
    A - Any walk including a scramble

  4. Everyone must have footwear, clothing, food and equipment appropriate to the weather and other conditions. They should also carry a basic first aid kit, and a card with emergency contact details. Any medical conditions which may be a liability should be reported to the walk coordinator.

  5. Coordinators may refuse to allow anyone to join a walk or activity if they consider them to be inadequately equipped or unable to complete the walk.

  6. Everyone is expected to keep together throughout the walk. Under no circumstances should anyone leave the group without first informing the coordinator and agreeing a safe route.

  7. Young people between the ages of 12 and 17 may go on grade C walks if accompanied by a parent/carer. See Child Protection Policy.

  8. Dogs are not allowed on club walks.

  9. In the event of an accident, coordinators must give full details in writing to the secretary, including a list of all people on the walk.

Disclaimer: all sporting and leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them, and hill walking is no exception. In spite of members' safety being of paramount concern, accidents will occasionally happen. It is important, therefore, that when rambling or hill walking, each member appreciates that they have a responsibility to identify any hazards, and to take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.

Individuals participate in any walk/activity entirely at their own risk and agree to hold the organisers and/or all other persons assisting in leading walks etc. entirely harmless, blameless and free from liabilty in relation to any damage, loss of property, personal injury etc., arising directly or indirectly, however caused. Club membership has the advantage of public liability insurance, but this does not extend to personal loss or injury.

Membership subscriptions: £12 per person per year (Jan-Dec). Application Form

Please note that it's usual to share cars where we can and it is customary to share the costs of 30p per mile split between the driver and passengers. The walk leader is expected to calculate the total mileage charge from and back to the Club meeting point at Shrewsbury Abbey. Each passenger should contribute the same amount, including those who may be picked up en route to the walk start, and each driver should receive the same amount, regardless of how many people travel in each car. A minimum of £2 per person applies.