Shrewsbury Hillwalking Club

Founded 1937

Child Protection


  1. Shrewsbury Hillwalking Club welcomes children and young people, above the age of 12 and below the age of 18, to join in grade C Club walks.
  2. Every child below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or carer at all times when joining in Club activities.
  3. Additionally the Club organises events other than walking. The Club is not a specialist organisation for children, and not every such event will be suitable for them. However where an activity is suitable they are welcomed.
  4. Walk leaders always have the discretion to refuse to permit a child to take part in a particular walk if they consider the walk unsuitable or the child has inappropriate clothing/equipment for the walk and the anticipated weather conditions.
  5. Shrewsbury Hillwalking Club is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of all children, young people and vulnerable or disabled adults who participate in Club activities by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.
  6. Every adult aged 18 or over who participates in Club activities, whether a member or not, is expected to put this policy into practice at all times.
  7. All adults taking part in club activities must adhere to our code of behaviour.
  8. Any adult who has taken part in Club activities and has any concerns about the wellbeing of a child or young person is asked to report this to a member of the Club’s committee.

All adults who take part in Club activities are expected to adhere to this code of behaviour.


  • treat children and vulnerable or disabled adults with dignity and respect
  • encourage others to challenge any attitudes and behaviours that appear inappropriate
  • ensure relationships with children are not exclusive
  • emember someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well intentioned
  • allow children to talk about any concerns they may have
  • take any allegations or concerns of abuse seriously and refer immediately to a member of
    the Club’s committee.

Do not:

  • trivialise potential abuse
  • form a relationship with a child that is an abuse of trust
  • engage in inappropriate behaviour or contact with a child – physical, verbal, sexual
  • let allegations, suspicions or concerns about abuse go unreported

All walk leaders and back-markers are expected to adhere to the following:


  • welcome children and let them take part where possible
  • consider whether the activity is suitable for the children or disabled adults who wish to
    take part
  • make sure the children have their parent or carer with them at all times
  • ensure that parents and carers are aware that they remain responsible for their children

Do not:

  • get into a situation where you or another adult are left alone with a child (including lifts in cars)
  • force or intimidate a child to do something they are not comfortable with (e.g. walk a narrow ridge, jump across a stream)
  • let a child or disabled adult take part if you feel the activity is unsuitable and cannot be modified.

Revised April 2019