Shrewsbury Hillwalking Club

Founded 1937

We are a mainly Shropshire-based group, with walks arranged every Sunday throughout the year. The walks are of various grades, from more local hillwalks to fairly serious mountain scrambles in Snowdonia. Most walks are 10 miles or more

Prospective new members can walk with the Club twice before having to join, but must contact the walk coordinator a few days before the Sunday, so that the coordinator is satisfied that they have sufficient level of fitness and experience to join the walk. See more details under GUESTS and WALK RULES

To minimise the impact on the environment and on available parking places at walk start points, the Club has a policy of sharing cars from our meeting point at Shrewsbury Abbey. This is not obligatory, especially for those living in the direction of travel, so if you wish to go directly to the walk start please let the walk coordinator know in advance. The meeting place is on the north side of the Abbey on Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, 200m beyond the Peach Tree. All day on street parking is available on Sundays

See Walk meeting place