Sunday 8th May 2022 - Snowdon via Rhyd-ddu

Distance: 9 miles with a total of 3103 of ascent. 

Meet at the Abbey at 07:15.

Distance to start: 83 miles. Journey time: 135 minutes

Toilet facilities at the start.

We will initially walk along the very popular Rhyd-Ddu path but when it takes a turn NE, we will continue east, along a much quieter path, to take the Cambrian Way, to ascend Snowdon along Clogwyn du. This will involve some very gentle scrambling but absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Towards the top, we will rejoin the Rhyd-Ddu path, for the final push to the top.

Our return will initially be along the Snowdon Ranger Path but we will leave it at the edge of the open access land, for a path, to the starting point.


While most of this route will be very lightly populated, we can expect crowds at the top. There is the opportunity for fine views, throughout, with the section along Clogwyn du, being particularly exhilarating, while being safe.

In addition to the views we will be walking through the remains of some quarries, which provides some added interest.