Sunday 10th April 2022  - Pont  Llogel

Pont Llogel, for Lake Vyrnwy.

 Sunday, 10th, April, 2022


Leader: David Jakeman

Contact number: 07824 542340



Walk distance: 11.75 miles, with a total of 2196’ of ascent.

 Meet at the Abbey at 8.30, or advise if you intend going directly to the walk start.

Journey time: 62 mins 
Distance to start: 38 miles
A clean Portaloo was in the carpark, on both occasions that the walk was recce’d, while toilets are also available approx’ ¾ way around the walk, adjacent to the dam, at Lake Vyrnwy.


This circular walk heads south, before very quickly picking up the Perindod Melangelll Walk, heading roughly towards the west. Eventually, we turn onto, Glyndwr’s Way, which takes us to Lake Vyrnwy.


Just before the dam, opportunity will be provided to use the snackbar/coffee shop and to visit the excellent bird hide, which will allow you to see, at close quarters, a large numbers of feeding birds. Lunch will also be taken here.


Staying with Glyndwr’s Way, we cross the dam, for a quick diversion to just beyond the hotel, to take dvantage of the view over the lake. We then drop down to walk past the front of the dam while heading south, to once again follow Glyndwr’s Way, which will take us back to Pont llogel.


This is walk that I planned two or three years ago, but put off using, because it appeared to spend too much time in forests. However, when I finally got to use it, this wasn’t the case. My wife and I have walked the route in both a day of rain and another one of sunshine and really enjoyed it, on both occasions (yes the sunshine was better). It is an easy but rewarding route, with just one hill slog and some lesser hills.