Sunday 29th September 2019 - Kerry: It's Not About The Ridgeway

     Place: Kerry, near Newtown

    Distance: 12.4 miles with a total of 2354 of ascent.

    Meet at the Abbey at 08.30, walk start: 09.30.

    Parking: Main Carpark (free) in Kerry. Toilets available   

    Grid ref: SO 147 899, post code: SY16 4NX.

    Distance to start: 35 miles. Journey time: 55 minutes

    A convoluted route that provides some excellent views in the hilly area to the south west of Kerry, between the Ridgeway and Newtown. It is by no means a flat walk but should be suitable for everybody to enjoy. 

    Walk leader: David Jakeman  07824 542340