Sunday 24th September 2017 - Church Stretton to Shrewsbury

     Shrewsbury Hillwalking Club was founded in 1937 and, during those early years, most of the members would have relied on public transport to take them out to the hills. To celebrate the 80th year of the Club’s existence this walk will use public transport to reach the start of the walk. There would have been a greater choice of transport routes available then;  in these modern times the only public transport available for use on a Sunday morning is the 7.50 a.m. “train" from the front of Shrewsbury Railway station (in the shape of a bus) which arrives at Church Stretton station at  08.15 a.m. A single ticket Shrewsbury to Stretton costs  £6.30 - (usual concessions can be applied).

    From the Stretton station car park the walk will head up on to the Stretton Hills using footpaths to walk over to Carding Mill Valley, up through the Golf Course and over to The Portway and Betchcott Hills. With an undulating route the walk will cross Cothercott Hill, pass between Huglith and Lawn HIll to reach Habberley before heading over Earls Hill and then eastwards to the village of Longden. A short road walk will lead the group up on to Lyth Hill and over into Bayston Hill before following footpaths through the outer reaches of Shrewsbury and into the town. A full days walk of about 20 miles.
     For people needing to leave their car in Shrewsbury, there is a Pay and Display car park behind the railway station or, if preferred, on street parking can sometimes be found on New Park Road, Castlefields.

     Walk leader: Carol Easthope 01939 260761 or 07981 005651